Doesn’t look like the “poor got poorer” on this chart. Looks like they got a bit richer-& did better than the middle twitter.com/zerohedge/stat…

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Joe Hicks, respected and knowledgeable leader on race–and a wonderful man–has died. latimes.com/local/obituari… Huge loss.

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Shifting 2 “virtual wall” suicidal 4 Trump, no? This trial balloon designed 2 make base happy when *doesn’t* happen? twitter.com/AriMelber/stat…

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Real wall sends symbolic message “Yes, there’s a border here.” Offends Mexico. But message badly needed. twitter.com/AriMelber/stat…

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It did go down-despite Pew error. Now going up. Pt. is there’s something 2 worry abt-b/c amnesty an incentive 4 more twitter.com/kampeas/status…

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Plus all Gangof8 enforcement provisions wld be systematically undermined once illegals got their insta-legalization twitter.com/RoyBeck_NUSA/s…

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“I don’t trust Trump, but I trust the people working for him.” go.shr.lc/2c9iSMW

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Lazy of press to say ‘Enforcement measures were central to Gangof8.’ Amnesty1st bill designed so they’d never happen nyti.ms/2bX1A20

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Does Trump think Ailes can take out Clinton in the debates the way Ailes took out Trump in the GOP debates? Hello? wpo.st/oqwu1

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