If he loses they will. But they’ll have same problem they had before–voters. Except those voters now more mobilized twitter.com/JGreenDC/statu…

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It’s a convenient excuse for any business failure. Many on left secretly think it should be lower->$7.25, <$15. twitter.com/chrisrlloyd/st…

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Spoiler: Amazon + Fightfor$15. At some pt I’m going to start believing businessmen who blame $15 wage for layoffs twitter.com/mVespa1/status…

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Old rule C. Peters told me-If you’re going 2 go in the tank swim 2 deepest part & stay there. Or else U annoy every1 twitter.com/Peter_Wehner/s…

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People mightn’t realize it’s just way 2 “express diversity”-as activist explains. Nothing 2 do w/ weakening border twitter.com/MarkSKrikorian…

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New York Times home page–95% thumbsuckers 5% news. It’s turning into the old @latimes nytimes.com Anti-Trump riot news buried

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Dear Mainstream Media, Don’t You Dare Whitewash Anti-Trump Violence natl.re/4QdsKN

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TRUMP’S CUNNING STRATEGY: “Trump basically took every legitimate media interview request that landed in his inbox.” tws.io/1Tk2Ok0

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This memo makes some good points about a) consultants b) “data” driven campaigns, if you make it that far tws.io/1r3hYTS

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MSM really doesn’t want to cover violent Mexican-flag anti-Trump riot. Can @DRUDGE make them? dailym.ai/1SUB1MM

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Mayor of prominent LA town rips up First Amendment. @latimes treats it as ‘Hey, what do you think?” bit of color fw.to/u3ufEmg

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LINK FIX-Here’s link for W. Hollywood’s embarrassing mayor saying she’s instructed her staff to deny permits 2 Trump breitbart.com/california/201…

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He did more than “raise profile.” He revealed depth & intensity of pro-border sentiment that Est./MSM ignored or hid twitter.com/MarkSKrikorian…

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“Had Marco Rubio not been foolish enough to endorse [Schumer’s] immigration plan he might be the front-runner now.” usatoday.com/story/opinion/…

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Wherein lies greatness of Mike Pence? Indiana governor Mike Pence, who just endorsed Cruz, is also the  author of the Pence Touchback Amnesty Scam! [Search for “Pence”] (Unfortunately, Newt Gingrich — who seems to be angling for influence in a Trump administration — embraced a similar scam when he ran for president in 2012.)  The key question, of course, is whether any amnesty (touchback or straight-no-chaser) comes only after essential border control measures (mandatory e-Verify, a border wall, a visa control system for starters) have survived court challenge and have been thoroughly up-and-running for long enough to send a message to would-be future illegal migrants. With Pence, the answer was clearly “no.” His plan was a gimmick to sneak a “comprehensive” Amnesty-First bill through Congress. …


“Kaine can handle the Bill Clinton problem.” Does he have an in with Paul Cassell? natl.re/SFXIuP

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