Ringleader of Paris attacks planned more strikes, mocked open borders reut.rs/1XmbHBe via @Reuters

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. @mikeallen: “We … never provide questions in advance. Never have; never would.” But … but … wpo.st/ymIs0

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They can call it the Politico “No Surprises” Brunch. PS. How coddled is Chelsea? Was “no surprises” still too many? twitter.com/ByronYork/stat…

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.@nytimes “Get Trump” campaign hits paydirt: erroneous golf course plaques. No pol can survive that nyti.ms/1PMhN9w

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Corollary: If you control immigration in the first place, you need less of a surveillance state. twitter.com/RMConservative…

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Now that O’s M.E. moves “are bearing unfortunate fruit, Obama wants 2 talk abt what big meanies the Republicans are” usat.ly/1HiDXOf

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So that makes 3 of the Paris attackers who came into EU with the migrant flow? (see last graf) fxn.ws/1OnkdrW

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This isn’t the sort of crap Thom Riehle would have turned out at Ipsos on.wsj.com/1N9Jbft via @WSJ

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“The respondents may or may not be prejudiced, but the pollsters certainly are.” Taranto pretty much destroys Ipsos: wsj.com/articles/stran…

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