Out on a Limb with Hillary

T.A. Frank, who wrote an eloquent piece criticizing the Gang of 8 bill (mainly from the left) for The New Republic, notes that Hillary’s Hispander war with Sanders has left her waaay out of even the turbulent mainstream on immigration –– she seems to have basically promised not to deport anybody except those who’ve committed violent offenses or drug crimes: 

[U]nder Clinton’s policy, if you manage to sneak across the border illegally and make it into a city, you won’t be removed. You could call that open borders, except it’s messier. It’s more like a free-for-all …

I suppose the question is whether Clinton squirms back to a less extreme promise before Trump clobbers her with her current position …

P.S.: When I reread Frank’s 2013 TNR piece, I noticed this eloquent, on point paragraph — worth reprinting because it shows that worry about uncontrolled immigration isn’t really a “right-wing” concern:

The country I want for myself and future Americans is one that’s prosperous, cohesive, harmonious, wealthy in land and resources per capita, nurturing of its skilled citizens, and, most important, protective of its unskilled citizens, who deserve as much any other Americans to live in dignity. This bill threatens to put all of that out of reach, because it fails to control illegal immigration.

No place for that in Hillary’s campaign?