“Insiders: Common Core is Jeb Bush’s ‘No. 1 problem'” That’s the headline on Politico‘s latest survey of GOP “insiders” in Iowa and New Hampshire. The trouble is Politico doesn’t seem to even have asked the “insiders” about Jeb Bush’s position on immigration.** So Politico has no way of knowing which of Jeb’s problems insiders think is No. 1. … Moral: If you limit the choices, you get the answer you want! No surprises. Fashionably Kazakhstanish! … P.S.: Is the Establishment Consensus Machine already in pre-mortem mode, prophylactically steering blame for Jeb’s loss to Common Core and away from his embrace of the Gang of 8? [That’s a crude, paranoid and unsophisticated view of Washington–ed. So it could be right then!]


** — Politico apparently doesn’t publish the full survey. At least I can’t find it. If you can, let me know! A Twitter query of author James Hohmann produced no response. ..