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Follow-up on the News!

Miramax misinforms; the NYT caves.


Posted Thursday, September 30, 1999

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        Miramax mouthpiece Andrew Stengel continues to tell inquiring reporters that his boss, Miramax co-chair Harvey Weinstein, isn't making plans for a TV comedy based on Miramax's Talk magazine. ...Hmmm. ... How to put this diplomatically ...

        Stengel is full of it!

        The comedy project, first reported in this story, does indeed exist. Tina Brown is involved. Two questions, though: a) how is the show going to be funny unless it makes fun of Brown? A comedy about a brilliant, witty, beautiful editor beset by incompetent staffers and lazy writers somehow doesn't grab us; and b) how much does Stengel get paid to say things that aren't true?

        How sure is that it's report is accurate? Sure enough to make this offer: If Mr. Weinstein can prove wrong on this, will present Mr. Weinstein with the chairman of kausfiles' own personal automobile. This is not just any automobile, but a 1989 Honda Civic DX 4-Dr. sedan, low-mileage, with Michelin tires and premium Tokico shock absorbers. We'll even throw in a full tank of gas! You can drive it away, Mr. Weinstein, if kausfiles is wrong!

New York Times Retreats!

        Under withering attack from an indignant reader (see here) the New York Times has issued an apology of sorts for reporter Eric Pace's awful Judith Campbell Exner obituary, which suggested that she might not have had an affair with President John F. Kennedy after all. The 9/30 Times' "Editor's Note" says, in part:

The article ... should also have reflected what is now the view of a number of respected historians and authors that the affair did in fact take place. The evidence cited by various authorities in recent years has included White House phone logs and memos from J. Edgar Hoover. gets results! [Except from Andrew Stengel--ed.]


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