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“It is true, that the numbers making the Latino vote very important for just one election aren’t really there …”…

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Where would Trump be without his initial immigration rant? 1% in polls? 2%? No matter how much vague “anger” there is. #Itsimmigrationstupid

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“Through it all [a] myopic drive on the part of leaders in both parties to enact a ‘comprehensive immigration reform’…

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The graf beginning “These voters don’t give a whit about corporate tax reform” is great-even also a bit condescending…

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I want to be Joe McCarthy — you got to be Joe McCarthy last night.


Man, if this is the best they have against Walker (“scapegoating toothless trade unions”) he’s in great shape

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Trump is about to leave the GOP’s 2016 strategy in shreds, and it may be the best thing that’s happened to them…

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Wouldn’t it be even more Alpha if one of the top 10 candidates stood up to Fox & said “Let everyone into the debate”

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How is Trump “poisoning the GOP’s relationship” with white voters? Because other GOPs attack him & voters hate that?…

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If I were listing “cancers” on GOP I’d say 1) K St, 2) Bush family & attendant psycodrama. Trump wouldn’t make top 10…

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Kristol’s argument is Trump brings new voters (not the usual social or tax-cut conservs) into GOP tent…

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Kristol notes that GOP has been doing better in polls vs. Hillary, not worse, since Trump got in race…

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44 Possibility #2: How Trump Could (Perversely) Save the GOP

Here’s another perverse possibility: a) Yes, Trump’s statements about Mexican immigrants are already so toxic they destroy whatever hope the GOP had of winning many more Latino votes in 2016; but b) that will force the eventual GOP nominee , probably not Trump, to pursue the alternative “Rust Belt” strategy — harvesting white working class votes — that actually has always been a better bet (since Latinos weren’t going to switch to the GOP next year anyway) but was resisted by the business- and donor-oriented GOP establishment because the latter favored more immigration and immigration amnesty. …