Kausfiles Insider! Was Gen. Kelly, Trump’s Chief of Staff, trying to throw Attorney General Jeff Sessions under the bus on the immigration issue in order to protect his protege, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen? Kf hears this was the subplot of the recent cabinet meeting that (allegedly) caused Nielsen to think about quitting.  In this telling, Kelly set up the meeting to focus on immigration judges so that Sessions would bear the brunt of Trump’s anger (at his administration’s failure to secure the southern border).  But Trump turned on Nielsen instead. .., P.S.: If the immigration-control lobby had to choose, they would pretty clearly prefer Sessions–who’s been trying to crack down–to Nielsen.** See, for example, these comments from Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies, and this from Breitbart.


**– Nielsen’s not just a former Bush aide but Painter-endorsed!