Def Cab Diaries: David Frum links to an anecdote about T.S. Eliot being recognized by his London cab driver and the ensuing conversation.  (“I ‘ad that Lord Russell in the back o’ the cab the other day. …”) I suppose there are a lot of London cabbie stories. Mine is from when I went to see the Barbican production of an Ayckbourn play in the ’90s. I couldn’t make heads or tales of it — I’m a dunce when it comes to drama.

“So wot did ya see?” the cabbie asked when I got in to go home.

“This Ayckbourn play, Wildest Dreams, about a bunch of people who play Dungeons & Dragons. I didn’t understand it.”

“Let me guess,” said the cabbie. “They gradually become the characters they play in the Dungeons & Dragons game!”

“That’s it!  It all makes sense now! How did you know? Have you seen the play?”

“No, guvnor. But oy know ‘ow the playwright’s mind works. ‘Ad Mister Ayckbourn in the back ‘o the cab the other day ….”