Today’s Pravda-Reading Exercise

I question the “many”: Who, exactly, are the “many” pundits the Wall Street Journal ed board attacking in this oracular graf?

The irony is that many of the same pundits now demanding that Mr. Ryan become their sword against Mr. Trump also praised the New Yorker last summer for his challenge to GOP orthodoxy. These former Trump apologists claimed the GOP should absorb his rage against the status quo. Instead of income-tax rate cuts, get behind family-friendly tax credits. Make peace with the entitlement state. Restrict trade and immigration allegedly to lift blue-collar wages. Alas for these would-be king-makers, Mr. Trump doesn’t take much advice.

I can think of one suspect who fits the bill — Ross Douthat. Is there anyone else? Let me know — I don’t claim to have full coverage of this corner of the Commentariat. (Remember, they have to be a) Reformocons who b) praised Trump early on and c) now demand Paul Ryan assault him.) Wouldn’t it be simpler — and more honest — for the Journal’s ideologists to just name names? If these wayward comrades actually exist, they need time to pack for Siberia. …