Is Trump the Devil We Know?

Obvious point: Trump’s obsessive, unfiltered tweets seem to offer a direct view into his mind. We may like what we see, we may not. But at this point, many voters probably feel like they know him, the way they might know their archetypal crazy old uncle.

Hillary’s tweets are written by committees. In speeches, her personality is masked. Nobody can feel like they really know what’s going on in her mind.

Trump is the devil we know. Hillary is the potential devil we don’t know. Voters often pick the former over the latter.

P.S.: 1) That’s another reason why it would be fatal for Trump to start waffling on his signature commitments: build The Wall, renegotiate trade deals, etc. It would not only alienate those who liked those commitments — it would also mean (even to voters who don’t care about The Wall) that we don’t really know him after all, that we’re in uncharted territory. 2) Hillary could be saved from the troubling fear that we don’t really know her deepest thoughts and impulses if voters conclude she has no deepest thoughts and impulses. There’s no devil there. Devils don’t live in vacuums. …