Trump Can Drive at 55

Just a reminder, in case the current McConnell health care bill should fail and Trump wants to make a bold, presidency-saving move: Lowering the Medicare eligibility age (currently 65), by 10, or even 5 years, or by one year every year for X number of years, would

1) Be wildly popular, with Democrats and with much of Trump’s base, which does not seem anti-statist in any doctrinaire, Ryan-Republican kind of way (remember “Keep Your Government Hands Off my Medicare”?);

2) Remove older, higher cost patients from the Obamacare exchange risk pools, giving that system a much better chance to lower premiums and survive despite its fundamental flaw.

It’d be an exaggeration to say a move like this would make voters forget about Russia and James Comey. But maybe not much of an exaggeration. What’s Steve Bannon for if not to forge a new, non-traditional Trump coalition. … It would even be good for Jared and Ivanka’s brand. There’s your argument, Steve! (It’s really Jared’s idea, don’t you think?) …